Vision & Values

At Corby, we are guided by our vision of leadership and our commitment to
creating value for all our stakeholders.

The Corby Vision

“To become the leading spirits and wine company in Canada as measured by consistent value, share growth, innovation, customer relationships, quality brands and employee engagement.”


We take time to celebrate success and we combine functional excellence and cross-functional teamwork to produce exceptional ideas and results.

We speak openly and directly, with care and compassion, respecting each other’s viewpoints to resolve issues.

Commitment: Hard Work Over Shortcuts
We know what is expected of us and we are unrelenting and uncompromising in delivering these accountabilities in the face of resistance or setback.

Integrity: Substance Over Style
We say what we mean, we do what we say and we represent each other with honour.

Our decentralized structure empowers us to take initiative and satisfy customers, improve efficiency, address problems and find new opportunities.