Life At Corby

Life at Corby is a fulfilling balance of challenge and accomplishment, reward and recognition, hard work and fun!

The Corby employee experience is enhanced by a head office located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District with easy access to major transportation systems, theatres, shopping, cultural events and community services. This office is also a place of work to be proud of – the building is certified Silver in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), providing a "green" work environment that is sensitive to environmental impact.

Whether you work in our head office or one of our many sales offices across the country, life at Corby includes casual days everyday throughout the year and summer hours that provide for longer weekends during the summer months.

 Most Corby employees are also Corby owners. Our generous company matching program for share purchases allows employees to directly benefit from growing the value of Corby for our shareholders. And since we’re a company that has delivered consistent growth for more than 40 years, our employees have good reason to proudly own a piece of the Company!

Check out a few of the roles that might give you reason to join life at Corby:
Brand Manager You live for brands. You eat, sleep and dream about them and you can bring a brand to life across multiple channels. Corby Brand Managers are responsible for recommending and developing advertising, consumer promotion, public relations and sponsorship strategies that will increase consumer and customer awareness and connection to Corby brands. Brand Managers must understand key consumer and industry trends that impact brand performance and be confident in communicating the attributes of a brand to internal and external audiences. If you are a passionate, self-motivated marketer and a creative problem-solver with an eye for detail and the confidence to juggle multiple priorities and stakeholders, Brand Management could be the right career for you! Assistant Brand Manager You see yourself as a Brand Manager some day but you’re willing to learn the ropes and get some hands-on experience first. You support your Brand Manager and Senior Brand Manager and your assigned portfolio of brands by helping to execute activities laid out in the brand strategy and plans. You take responsibility for keeping Corby’s brand marketing material up to date and for implementing marketing programs that include packaging, pricing, advertising and promotional activity. You are the go-to person for external suppliers that provide support to the brands’ activities. Your strong presentation, communication and interpersonal skills make you a key contributor to Corby’s brand team, and your creativity shines through. You are on your way to a great career working with some of the world’s most exciting brands! District Sales Manager You are a people person above all else, and “closing the deal” gives you a rush! District Sales Managers at Corby are responsible for sales to a number of retail stores and customers in a designated territory. Using national and regional marketing strategies, merchandising and promotional support, District Sales Managers are focused on increasing the overall distribution of Corby’s portfolio brands in liquor board retail stores, private stores and licensees. This is done by developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with customers, managing product launches and other customer events. If you are self-confident and self-motivated, enjoy travel, social events and beating the competition, you could be a fit for a Corby District Sales Manager role! Financial Analyst For you, numbers are a special language and you understand what they are saying. Financial Analysts are responsible for the preparation of financial information and the tracking and recording of other key commercial metrics in the business. As a publicly traded company, Corby relies on our finance teams to provide accurate and timely reporting and forecasting of the Company’s financial performance. If you have completed, or aspire to complete, a Canadian accounting designation and have strong experience in costing and financial analytics as well as a track record of giving attention to detail, then you could be a candidate for a Financial Analyst role at Corby.